CFL Chemie

CFL Chemie was founded in 2010 by people who have knowledge and experience about every stage of the industry. With its staff with business experience, it has been meeting the quality needs of the sector since its establishment to the present day.

In All Areas of Life

We take part in national and international projects in order to be able to foresee Sunday expectations and offer solutions.

Superior Service Understanding

The important thing for CFL Chemie is customer satisfaction. We are committed that you will receive superior service in a professional framework for our customers.

Fully Equipped Laboratories

We analyze our products down to the finest details during the production and quality control stages, and we do not deliver them without testing.

Technological Production Infrastructure

We aim to make efficient, precise and fast production by following the technology in our machine park.

cfl chemie
Quality and Stable Supply Chain

We reflect our understanding of quality to all processes of our products and services, and sustain our leading position in the industry by staying committed to our values, and maintaining a stable and consistent approach.

Logistics Network

It is designed to provide the best service to our customers. We have a large vehicle fleet and an experienced staff in order to be able to deliver our products quickly, safely and economically.

Customer Service

Understanding the needs of our customers, meeting them Decently, providing value-added solutions with our wide product range and R&D services are the basis of our service philosophy.

Nature-Friendly Products

We have adopted as a principle that our services and products should be environment and nature friendly for a sustainable life and future generations.

Wide Product Portfolio

We make a difference with product solutions that make life easier and increase quality and productivity in every field of textile.

For A Sustainable Future

We continue to produce environmentally friendly products and solutions at high standards for a livable world and a healthy future.

We Always Offer The Best

While our R&D staff provides our high quality oriented production, we offer solutions with our after-sales team. Dec.